Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I rebooted this site after some time and moved the content that had taken its place for some time over to or alternatively This will return to its previous layout as a plain static HTML site with not too much fancy underlying technology. Sites that heavily use Javascript to the detriment of usability and load speed wear me out. So, here it will be simple.

I have for some time liked a format that allows me to write daily in the middle and put suplimentar notes in the sidebar to the right or left, or in the foooter. That is how it will be. The main stream of thought in the middle and the sublimentary bits in the border.

Thinking of cutting back on coffee. Seems that it is really throwing me off-kilter. I drink it late enough in the day that instead of having any effect to keep me focussed, it may actually be messing with my sleep schedule. Then on the other end of the day it is really not having the desired effect. I hear an apple and some water can have a more positive effect towards staying awake and focused.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Was up a bit late last night after hanging out at the art studio with Lisa I realized that I left my keys at work. This meant a few hours of circular bus travel, but I had some time in the midst of my travel to do some playing around with CSS and reading examples of grid layouts. Definitely a bit tired however and am going to keep with the limiting coffee and wine intake today. Had a bit much last night.

It is Friday morning and I have made a few updates to this site including converting it to CSS grid based layout. This is a fairly new thing, but the power of grid based layout as a tool is phenomenal and I am just beginning to understand the power of it. One feature to be explored more is the ability to dynamically choose reflow order of grid areas. It is much that designers have wanted since the beginning but have been frustrated by or hindered by the technology nonetheless. I will perhaps be making some experimental use of such techniques in this site where useful.

Although, I say experimental, its acceptance in the latest browsers as a standard is gaining serious footing already. Check out the stats on The original spec has been out for a number of years. Internet Explorer is still playing catch-up after being an early implementer.

On to different topics. I broke a spoke on my bicycle a few weeks back. It is time for me to get the thing out of the bike shop. I am anxious to ride and the weather is really for it lately. How many weeks a year do we have like this? Must take advantage. It feels like time to call my friend Mac and bicycle up to Grant's Farm.

On reading, I just bought a little book from for not to much. That should provide a pleasant surprise at some point in the near future. I always look forward to getting new little packages in the mail.